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The research activities of the MNC are directed at the use of molecular biological approaches to investigate various neuronal processes, in addition to neuro-based drug discovery. In particular, the processes to be studied include: (i) neuronal differentiation and cell cycle regulation, (ii) synapse development and regeneration, (iii) cellular signal transduction in neurons, (iv) neurodegenerative diseases, and (v) learning and memory. Utilizing their expertise and ongoing research activities, MNC's team scientists is developing strategies for screening and/or designing potential drug candidates that possess efficacies for either learning and memory enhancement or neurodegenerative diseases. The Center investigates projects on the structure-function relationships of neuroproteins found to play critical roles in these neurobiological processes. Furthermore, the MNC aggressively seeks strategic collaborations as a means of advancing neuroscience basic research. In general terms, the basic research focus of the MNC provides a strong foundation for generating novel and important scientific developments that will lead to collaborations with researchers in the applied sciences and in biotechnology companies. In addition, the Center will provide the ideal and valuable training ground for young scientists wishing to gain research experience in the field of molecular neuroscience.

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